My name is Doro (est. 1985). Since 2011 I live and, yes, I draw in Berlin. But on the way there were some stops along the way.

I was born about 300 kilometers south, in Thuringia. But school, training and job took me first to Saxony and later to Lower Saxony. Now I have found my home in the bustling capital. And I love it just the way it is.

I earn my living here as a media designer for digital and print media.

Creativity has been part of my life since I was able to hold a pen. Already in my school days I received a lot of recognition and even awards for my pictures - which always gave me the incentive to try out new techniques, improve my skills and train my artistic eye. Thanks to the support of my family and many friends, today I can intensively pursue my hobby and dream job.

The results not only make me happy, but also fans and clients.